What happens when I finish a first draft…

About few weeks ago I finished the draft of my new book and emailed it off to my agent and my editor. The process of sending your work for someone else to read has been likened to sending out your used underwear; it feels that exposing and intimate. Fortunately they both like it, which allays the mortification a bit. They both also promptly went off on holiday, which gives me a glorious hiatus when … Read the full entry

Visiting the past through reading your own work

Today’s Daily Mail has a piece by me taken from a book called Things I Wish I’d Known: Women Tell the Truth about Motherhood, which is edited by Victoria Young and published by Icon Books. (Aside, it’s a really great compilation of essays and would make a great present for the thinking pregnant woman). The piece has a slightly more alarmist headline than I’d have chosen myself as I think the actual words … Read the full entry

New year, new load of clutter

Today’s Daily Mail has a piece that they commissioned me to write about clutter. I think I am one of their go-to people when it comes to marital disharmony and mess, which, although professionally rewarding, is domestically unnerving! Part of what The Pile of Stuff at the Bottom of the Stairs was about was the gap between how we want to live our lives based on some impossible image that we … Read the full entry

Holidays, hangouts and happy tweets

A few random thoughts and bits and pieces of news. Today I did my first ‘Google hangout’ for Telegraph Wonder Women. It was on the subject of paternity leave, something I haven’t had to think about for nigh on six years. My take was, broadly, that we should be thinking about what it’s for before we worry about how long it should be for. Then I guess we have to … Read the full entry

Is university worth it (Kirstie Allsop look away now…)

The property expert turned everything expert, Kirstie Allsop, has recently opined that it’s not worth girls going to university as they should just get really well paid jobs aged 18 and buy themselves some property in order to be in a good position to bag a boyfriend and birth a baby aged 27. By coincidence, the Sunday Times published a piece I wrote about whether, in these days of fees … Read the full entry

Read all about it… reviews of The A-List Family

Thanks to the tireless work of Hodder’s lovely Becca Mundy and Karen Geary, there were loads of reviews of The A-List Family in both the national press and some of the web’s top book blogs. ‘Very funny,’ ‘hilarious’, ‘spot-on brilliance’ and ‘highly readable’ are just some of the highlights. All the reviews (even the less than utterly enthusiastic one) are linked to on my press page here.

The A-List Family is unleashed The A-List Family is unleashed

My new book The A-List Family is out today. Publication day is a bit like a birthday in that it can feel stressful, exciting and a little bit embarrassing (especially if, like me, you do insist on putting sex scenes into your book). Yesterday, Twitter alerted to me to the fact that Jade Craddock from We Love This Book had reviewed the A-List Family. I felt quite shaky to click on the link. … Read the full entry